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Best led light bars for sale


Visibility gets tricky when driving at night especially when you are driving off-road. This is where an LED bar comes in handy. This simple yet essential tool that allows you to better illuminate the road as you drive through adverse conditions like rough terrain, foggy weather or nights. Here is a list of a few of the Best LED Light Bars for Sale: Our Reviews & Ratings of 2018.


Rigid Industries

There are three good gems from the Rigid Industries that make the cut. There is the RDS 50” Midnight with a perfect design that is all-black. Emitting 26,150 lumens, the LED bar illuminates everything necessary within sight. Other than the intensity of illumination, the LED light bar comes with the added capabilities of being a shock, water, and dust proof. The lifetime warranty is just thrown in to sweeten the deal.

Another is the 50” SR-Series Midnight Edition. It is a slim light that can fit into the smallest of spaces. It has a single row of lights and is a cheaper alternative to its predecessor coming with all its advantages. Consumption is at 200W, and the output is 18,750 lumens.

The final Rigid product worth considering is the Radiance 50”. It does not rival the others in design or output, but the price is perfect for those on a budget. With all the abilities of the others, this LED light consumes 278W and produces 15,876 lumens.


Baja Designs

The Baja Designs OnX6 50” Arc Falls on the costlier side. It, however, offers you value for money with the 32,250 lumens. It is sleek and stylish enabling it to not only deliver on both functionality and aesthetics. It provides good visual coverage enabling the driver to see a good distance ahead. With a powerful 292 watts, the OnX6 50” Arc is a marvel, which comes with a lifetime warranty.



This is another market leader in the LED Light Bar sector, producing some of the unique and diverse products in use today. One worth mentioning is the AutoFeel Triple Row 19”. This is a perfectly designed triple row light bar with a power of 270W and 27,000 lumens of output. This light works for a variety of vehicles from trucks to pickups to Jeeps and have brackets that are both slideable and adjustable making it easily mounted. It has a combination of spot and floodlights boosting its visibility efficiency.


WoneNice 52”

Last and not least is a powerful yet affordable product from WoneNice. The Wone nice 52” LED light is as perfect a bargain as you can get. It has a single line design with the capability of emitting both a narrow beam or a floodlight depending on your visual preference. The light is also properly designed to be both water and dust proof. With a power of 300W, the LED light outdoes its competition with its output of 30,000 lumens. There is a very few alternative out there that don’t sacrifice quality when the cost is low, and this one just happened to top that list.


Always remember that with LED light bars, bigger is always better. The more light you can get the better you can see. Take the time to accessories from our Best LED Light Bars for Sale: Our Reviews & Ratings of 2018, and make your travels brighter.

Winter driving tips

Driving safely should be the aim of every driver. This is the main reason why driving programs and classes emphasis on safety. Kids are also sent to learn how to drive safely and the importance of safe driving. This is done to minimize the damage of properties and accidents that claim people’s lives. In the temperate and pole regions, drivers are faced with the problem of snow or rain as they drive. This problem is mainly experienced in winter.

Snow and water are known for reducing traction making it very hard or difficult for the drivers to maneuver or control their vehicles. Drivers operating in such areas are required to maintain a field of vision and eye concentration whenever they are driving. This also calls for good driving education programs. Outlined here below are some of the tips that will help you when driving on the road packed with snow or in rainy conditions.

Be extra careful

This is one of the mottos of every driving class. Being careful will help you in avoiding problems when driving. Avoid driving like you are on the superhighway. That attitude should be put down.

Turning the lights on

This will help you in seeing the road. Turning on the headlights will enable you to see the road well especially at night. After all, you do not have night vision.

Avoid rushing

Avoid accelerating in road covered snow. You just need to plan your journey for you to arrive home in time and safely. Drivers are taught in driving schools not to rush. As a driver, you should be physically and mentally focused on avoiding any crashes when driving.

Always try to avoid

This means avoiding the problem of running water or snow packed road. Look for a safe road. Otherwise, your vehicle might get stuck if you decide to push it through a rush of wash. Be creative and look for other routes that will help you in reaching home safely.

Pulling the air conditioner

When driving, drivers are required to be fully prepared to make the necessary reactions when a situation arises. However, during winter, the driver’s tissues and nervous start to numb making it difficult for the driver to react to the various car movements.


Apply a great force

Less traction will make it hard for the vehicle to turn. The steering wheel should be gripped and then do the turning slowly. When it comes to the braking, drivers are advised to extend the distance before stopping the vehicle.




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